What we do

We make the relationship between businesses and their audiences
interactive and engaging. Whether the audience is a client, viewer, fan,
buyer, it does not really matter. Currently, there is a need for
real-time, meaningful interaction in all of these cases. Therefore we
provide businesses with best-of-breed native mobile apps, web apps,
games and 2^nd screen apps. We have our own special way of delivering
consistent multiplatform experience using our super-cool, real-time
gaming engine.

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Who we are

We are a team of 10 software engineers, UI/UX designers, graphic
designers but most of all storytellers. Through our designs and
interaction flows we tell stories that help businesses build purposeful
relationships with their clients. Having worked in telecoms, gaming,
engineering companies we have multidiscplinary approach to developing
mobile apps and websites. We focus on building strong, active
communities and natural affinity between businesses and their clients.

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How we do it

We work the smart way. We have developed backend engine in which we
separated: presentation layer; commands layer; logic specific to
particular game and/or application. It’s flexible, scalable, enables
quick time-to-market. It has proven to work flawlessly providing the
same interaction experience across all platforms: mobile (Java, Android,
iPhone), Facebook and www. Its mobile-related features are agile and
robust, giving us a serious competitive advantage in the mobile
engagement space. With such a backend engine it’s quick, easy and
affordable to build front-end dynamic multiscreen applications.

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USA office:

16615 Lark Ave #105
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Polish office:

ul. Broniewskiego 5 / 45
05-120 Legionowo

VoodooDance Sp. z o.o. – company registered into the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for the City of Warsow, XIII Economic Division of National Court Register under KRS number: 0000325107. NIP: 1181988405

To contact us you may also use form below:

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